The Hobbit: 10 Best Moments From The First Two Films


It is safe betting that J.R.R. Tolkien would have loved what Peter Jackson has done with his creation. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy is an almost universally praised and loved film series from the 2000s. Yet, even though Jackson chose to omit various sub-plots of the Rings books from his trilogy, it received far less flak over it than The Hobbit films have.

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WizzroSupreme2184d ago

Bilbo stepping onto that pile of Smaug's gold coins was exactly the moment I knew I was waiting for and the trilogy pretty much ended for me right then and there in terms of greatness.

rambi802184d ago

I liked the barrel ride

Hergula2183d ago

The game of riddles was undoubtedly the most worth-watching scene in the first two films, as it was well done and added that different flavor to The Hobbit that I felt it really needed when watching the first film. Kili and Tauriel's romance is done so poorly, no thought went into creating a logical or even remotely interesting romance, and while we knew Smaug was coming, him rising up from the gold coins was definitely one of the most memorable moments.

dota2champion2183d ago

My favorite moment in the first film was when Bilbo is about to slice off Gollum's head but notices how sad Gollum is without the Ring. the facial expressions on Gollum are just amazing. the Riddle match between Bilbo and Golum was also one my favorites.