The 12 Most Emotionally Devastating Deaths on The Walking Dead

Best– says "For those The Walking Dead-uninitiated and for those fans not completely caught up, this article contains SPOILERS GALORE! You have been warned.

This is a countdown of the character deaths on The Walking Dead which hurt the most, made me cry the most and in some cases, which most lingered in my brain’s emotion centers for days after. "

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dota2champion2122d ago

Meryle and Beth death was the only ones that made me sad. I didn't care about any others death, I was actually glad Lori died, her character was just annoying

Derekvinyard132122d ago

Lol feel the same about Lori, but Meryle was the worst for me

Soldierone2122d ago

I think Hershals is the worst one for me. He was not only the heart of the group, he was also becoming a bada-- and above all else was useful for emotional support and as a doctor. They lost a ton when he went out in almost all aspects.

feedthereaper2122d ago

Saddest death with the most impact was Hershel followed by Beth, (no mention of T-Dogs passing even though he was in 2 and a half seasons!)
But the most shocking death aside from Hershels, was that prisoner with the old-fashioned moustache...... the way he stood there telling Carol a story about his brother and why he ended up in prison and the audience were slowly warming to the fact that this man may not be a threat but a misunderstood and likeable person, or could it all be a ruse to suck Carol in when really he is a sick pedaphile or worse around Beth, and just as we are trying to listen to his back story to understand it better and who he may be, good or bad..... BANG!!!! Headshot takes him out mid-conversation by the Governor!

That once single scene where was breathtaking and left me having to pause the show and just take in what the hell happened. It was that moment when I realised that The Walking Dead really was a unique show that keeps you watching on the edge of your seat because no matter how much you think you know how the story will pan-out or the direction it is heading, it screws with your head and throws you clean out of the way with a bulldozer of a plot twist. As you are trying to judge the moral fortitude and threat of an individual you believe has a big plot coming up.... the scriptwriter just destroys that character with a sudden, unwarned about bullet to the head and you have virtually no time to grief, take in what has happened or understand the outcome. That was possibly one of the best scenes in the show and highlighted how precious life is and how very few people ever get a proper warm, touching ending to their lives.

PizzaSteve2122d ago

Hershel's was the worst. Damn that Governor. Lizzie was a nut. She needed to to killed.

markte2122d ago

Wait...people actually LIKED Andrea?

spicelicka2121d ago

lol i hated her, and of course Lori. So glad Lori died, but as the article states, that scene was made by Rick. Brilliant acting.

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