George Lucas Really Has Parted Ways With 'Star Wars'...So Why Are We Mad?

Letting go of something you created can’t be easy, but it must be especially difficult for someone who conjures an entire galaxy in his imagination, only to one day release his grip and leave it in the hands of another generation.

Page Six recently caught up with George Lucas and asked what he thought of that 88-second teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first film to be made from the franchise without its creator’s involvement.

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RetrospectRealm2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I'm pretty sure he's just saying that for show cause people keep bothering him and have been ever since 1977. Jett said him and JJ talked like crazy and he was INCREDIBLY involved in The Clone Wars show.

Soldierone2121d ago

I agree. It feels more like a "I'm not leaking anything, bug someone else" motive than anything.

We are talking about a guy that wanted his studio to "approve" anything and everything Star Wars. A guy that sold the franchise, and still needed to "hand select" who would take control. At no point did Disney push him out at all. So why would he randomly stop all of that and go "nah, haven't bothered with it" when the most important movie is right around the corner?

RetrospectRealm2121d ago

I didn't mean that he was scared of leaking something if he said something. Just that the only things people say to him that aren't his family or friends are probably about Star Wars and he's tired of talking about it to random people.