8 Actors Who Will Ruin Their Upcoming Movies


Casting is said to be anything from 30% to 95% of directing, although no matter what the exact number is, one thing is definitely true; it’s 100% of being a casting director. Their one job is to aid the director in finding the right people to populate their world. And, looking at some upcoming movies, it seems like some have been slacking off.

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WizzroSupreme2113d ago

To be fair, just about everyone in Genisys is doomed for reasons way beyond their own acting ability. As far as Fifty Shades of Grey's concerned, it's not as if we don't have the books to indulge in. But Ryan Reynolds? I don't really get what the guy's problem is. It's not as if he's picked pieces of art to star in, but I've never been able to feel any two ways about him. Will Smith's a capable actor under the right direction, and maybe getting to see a different side of him as an antihero type will freshen up his routine.