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20 Best 'Sons of Anarchy' Moments


When Kurt Sutter was writing for The Shield, he developed a reputation as being the groundbreaking cop drama's resident sick soul, always arguing to push the limits of what basic cable would allow. Then, in 2008, the FX network debuted Sutter's own series: Sons of Anarchy, a pulpy, Shakespearean saga about the criminal enterprises and family feuds of a small-town NorCal motorcycle club. Given the chance to make a TV show in his own image, Sutter served up a thick, raw, bloody cut of meat, seasoned liberally with the kind of "holy shit" moments that he'd brought to his previous gig.

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alycakes2118d ago

The only good episode I remember was when Clay was finally killed. Seemed like there weren't very many good moments going on in that show mostly lies and betrayals and killing people off for any reason you can think of. I think Jax is going to off himself rather than go to prison in the end.

WizzroSupreme2117d ago

Donna's death was the first episode where Sons of Anarchy really came into its own in my eyes and Clay's death was long overdue. I'd agree with most folks that Jax is definitely going to be his own worst enemy if it comes down to ending his own life.