NBC Predictions: 'Constantine' Is Canceled, Ignore Warner Brothers Mind Tricks To The Contrary

TV By the Numbers

Constantine has been canceled. NBC opted to not pick up the back 9 episode order for the rookie drama. In recent memory, every Fall premiere rookie show intended for a full season that was ended after 13 or fewer episodes (in a non WGA strike season) was canceled.

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Crazay2113d ago

And this is why I didn't bother watching the show. It was given a death sentence with that Friday night time slot.

CaptainYesterday2113d ago

I just started watching it! This is disappointing :(

Soldierone2113d ago

Example A of why I don't bother to watch TV shows. I saw this, looked awesome, check it out, was awesome.... now its canned.

Why bother? I wait for shows to hit at least season 2 before getting into them.

Crazay2113d ago

That's also the stance I took with Gotham but I'll wait to see if it gets a 3rd season

Soldierone2113d ago

Yeah, I'd be watching Gotham already if it was CW. Being on Fox though I'll probably wait until season 3, or when it gets canned to watch it. It's Fox, it won't last unless it has American Idol ratings....

RetrospectRealm2112d ago

Not seeing your logic here. First you say you'd wait till it gets into a couple seasons so you can play catch up then you say you wait till it gets cancelled to give it a try? Why not give it a try from the beginning, if you don't like it stop, if you do, watch till it gets cancelled or ends.

Soldierone2112d ago

Because if it's canned I can see when it was canned and listen to if it was a complete story, then watch it through.

Most shows, like here and most of the stuff on Fox, is canned out of the blow because it got decent ratings and not godly ratings. Due to that you get into it, then it just ends and you have no conclusion, which sucks. Like the Wolverine cartoon on Nick, that sucked epicly. Even Terminator left you wanting more. Why bother following a story and getting involved if it's just going to abruptly end?

It's like going to a theater and right at the climax the theater goes "ehh, not enough tickets sold. We are stopping the movie."

alycakes2113d ago

I really like the show and that's what usually happens

Stringerbell2113d ago

This is why I dont watch network television at all. Its just ends up getting canceled.

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