8 Signs J.J. Abrams Understands Star Wars Better Than George Lucas


In 1977, George Lucas brought his long-in-development passion project Star Wars to the big screen. Nearly four decades since its release, Star Wars continues to be a cultural touchstone making its presence felt in television, video games, comic books and cinema. As the years passed, Lucas’ tenure as the mastermind behind the Star Wars universe became a point of contention among long-time fans.

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Soldierone2122d ago

I think it comes down to something many creative people will tell you. When you create something, you get fans. Those fans have a different perspective than you do. They look at it and understand it in different ways.

This is why "fresh blood" is often pumped in to projects. To get that other perspective and different understanding. Often happens with TV shows and comic books. They run so long that you need that person that understands it from a different angle.

Amuro2120d ago

Lucas created an interesting world or at least the concept of it but as a movie director he is a complete failure. It's just as simple as watching the few movies he has directed... All of them borderline mediocre. Jarjar Binks on episode I, Leia's planet being destroyed and she didn't even care on episode IV, the whole thing of Anakin going evil was silly, etc.

Lucas is a great producer, writer and creator but he has always sucked as a director no mater how many times he tried. When you write, when you create you're not bound by anything but when you're a director your're bound by time, by people, by technology, by budget, etc.

Why do you think that 90% of the time the highest rated films are animations like Toy Story or Spirited Away? Because they have less shackles to deal with.