10 Best Christmas Movies (For Guys)


It’s that season again – the season where the Halloween candy isn’t even off the shelf before garish Christmas decorations are being unpacked. The season of overpriced junk being peddled as the “perfect holiday gift for friends and family”. The season of fake holiday cheer, fruity flavoured beers, and more phoney goodwill than you can shake a stick at.

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Crazay2113d ago


Someone else sees the original Lethal Weapon as a Christmas Classic.

CaptainYesterday2113d ago

I figured everyone saw it as a Christmas movie, I watch it every Christmas Eve :)

Crazay2113d ago

I dunno about in the US, but up here in Canada I get grief for calling it a Christmas movie.

SouthClaw2113d ago

Some in the wrong order but a good list. So many people forget that the adults have Christmas movies and not just bad santa. I love Die Hard!

Crazay2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

I forgot about that one. Thanks man. Think I'll put that on tonight. Something about seeing Charlize Theron naked that makes me feel all seasonal

Derekvinyard132113d ago

Maybe il ad die hard to the christmas q this year always good to see people getting killed round the holidays