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10 Directors Who Should Helm Star Trek 3


Apparently there is some ancient Hollywood dictum that a director may only helm one huge science fiction franchise with a frighteningly committed fan base that also has “Star” in the title at one time. Or maybe JJ Abrams just simply hasn’t got the time to direct both Star Wars: The Force Awakens – the long-awaited return of the galaxy far, far away as audiences remember it (ie not like the prequels) – and the third in his rebooted, rejuvenated Star Trek movie series.

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WizzroSupreme2116d ago

I'll say Peter Jackson for as long as the man has yet to helm a sci-fi film. He's a bigger Trek nerd than Abrams from what I understand and he seems to love what his fans do; his making too many Hobbits aside. I'd like to see what he'd do outside his comfort zone, moving a series forward than back with an all new crew.