Moviefile - Have you Felt The Awakening?

Fade in. A desert landscape. "There has been an awakening; Have you felt it?…" A raspy British accent inquires just before an unmistakable armor-clad and visibly startled John Boyega cues the familiar tones of The London Symphony Orchestra. 11 Seconds. That's how long it took for the ones our Dear Leader Stan Lee (May He Live For Ten Thousand Years) calls "True Believers" like myself to forget any prejudices or hang ups they might have had about the new Disney sponsored Star Wars trilogy, at least for a few hours.

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WizzroSupreme2120d ago

I felt it! Felt like...nauseous gas quickly alleviated to a triumphant orchestral score.

nerdgenious2120d ago

ha ha, its gonna be fun to see how this develops especially with it being a continuation of the star wars universe.

Derekvinyard132119d ago

I'm not feeling anything now because it's a year off!