Jason Momoa Talks 'Badass' Aquaman, Multi-Pic Deal And Reveals Ideal Solo Movie Director


Revealing how many movies he's signed on to play Arthur Curry, soon-to-be Aquaman star Jason Momoa talks briefly about the role, Batman v Superman, and who he'd want to direct his solo movie!

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Porcelain_Chicken2113d ago

Can't believe BvS is done filming yet there are zero leaked picks of Batman, Wonder Woman or Aquaman anywhere. Impressive security I guess. Anyways pretty excited to see how they approach Aquaman and to see how Momoa will look in the costume!

dota2champion2113d ago

I'm also surprised that one of the most hype film of the decade didn't had leaks of them either. I found a fan image of Jason Momoa as aquaman, i must say, it's pretty damn impressive,

Crazay2113d ago

Ya I've seen that before too and it's well done.

Porcelain_Chicken2113d ago

I've seen that a while back! Agreed! That does look pretty badass! Albeit kinda bare. He's the King of Atlantis!!!! I want his outfit to exude a sense of royalty and possibly someone who is also always battle ready. But that does have the right idea! I hope they go full blonde too! Highlights look kinda cheesy imo. xD

Soldierone2113d ago

Which sucks since this is the one film I want leaks from haha

PizzaSteve2113d ago

Momoa should be a great Aquaman. Can't wait.

Deadpoolio2113d ago

I guess if we ignore the fact that he couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag...He was god awful in Conan...Or the fact that he is Samoan and will look about as good as when Fox thought it would be a great idea to hire a Latino to play Sue Storm because they thought people would totally think she was white because they dyed her hair blonde and shoved some blue contacts in her eyes....I'm sure it will look totally amazing when they do it to Momoa thinking it will make him look like Aquaman

uncharted562113d ago

Your not worthy of the name Deadpoolio the Amazing with the amount of negativity you emit out!

Porcelain_Chicken2112d ago

But Conan wasn't a great movie to begin with, you can't judge him based on that!! Most of his roles have been silent type brutes! A role he's trying to leave behind as he feels he can do better. He can easily half ass the rest of his career by playing "Big thug #3" but he chooses not too. Don't you think that's a good sign?

As for FF It was a combination of script issues and Jessica Alba being a mediocre actress that made Sue a terrible character. You can't posssibly tell me a white girl would have fixed the movie.

And besides the tan skin Mamoa can easily pass for a 90's Aquaman. I don't necessarily need all my aliens, Atlantans, and Greek gods to look Caucasian.