Spectre: Time To Worry About The Future Of James Bond?

This is why Skyfall was such a disaster. It’s not just because it was an incoherent mess of a film (see above) but because of where it is taking the franchise. Rather than moving on from the Bond films of old and creating new and exciting adventures, we’re beginning to slip back into the same old clichés and stories that everyone got tired of.

I truly hope I’m wrong about Bond 24 but if I’m not, you have to ask yourself, is rehashing the old way really the direction you want the franchise to head in?

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RetrospectRealm2122d ago

Calling Skyfall a disaster was the only reason I needed to stop reading this article. Wasn't the best Bond, but it was in no way a disaster.

StarWarsFan2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

It's a little early to worry about James Bond. I wouldn't say Skyfall was the best ever, but it was solid. My only complaint was the main villain came in a little late. Javier Bardem did a great job, but it feels like he was cut off at the legs after such a build-up. He should have been given more time on the screen and not just as the guy trying to shoot M and being chased in the tunnels of London. Although, I hope Spectre isn't going to rely on having the oldest Bond Girl ever as their main selling point.