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The Callow Way – Why I’m Stopping Watching Trailers

So, it’s still December but here is my New Year’s Resolution; in 2015 the only trailers I watch are going to be before films I go to see in the cinema, or catch on television. I’m going to avoid articles about casting rumours. I don’t need to see explosions from the new Fast and Furious film before it’s out, I don’t need to know the name of the characters from the new Bond film, I don’t need to know which actor from a successful TV series will end up disappointing in the long awaited new science fiction film. I’m going to watch films knowing as little as possible about them. We’ll see how it goes.

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RetrospectRealm2119d ago

The author says he's only gonna watch TV commercials and the previews before movies and not gonna read rumor articles. Sounds like he's quitting his job on your site. Lol

WizzroSupreme2119d ago

Dunno, the fanboy in me can't ever wait for as long as it takes movies to come out. Me want muh hype.

rambi802118d ago

i stopped watching trailers and previews for games and movies a while ago. However, every now and again, i get tempted. Right now i'm trying really hard not to watch that Uncharted 4 footage.

CaptainYesterday2118d ago

You should watch the Uncharted 4 footage that game looks incredible!

rambi802118d ago

You sonuvabitch! Lol. Never! Not gonna be tempted by you!