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Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Transport is Arranged” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "As it’s done the whole season so far, Covert Affairs covered ground this episode with breakneck speed. In the past (or on a multitude of other shows), it wouldn’t surprise me to see Auggie’s capture be drawn out. Going that route can have its benefits, but more often than not the result is a broken record player of the same thing happening over and over again (example: all of Theon’s arc on Game of Thrones Season 3). Instead, the audience became privy to everything we needed to know in one outing. Belenko has targeted Auggie and the members of his team because their actions resulted in the death of his brother, Mikhail. There is one more person left on Belenko’s list: James Decker, an undercover CIA operative who infiltrated the Chechen army, was involved in the prisoner exchange and blew his cover, and went dark as a result. Natasha was brought in to the mix again after being kidnapped by Belenko’s men in Budapest. And Stephanie was shot by Allen Langer aka the Dog Walker. There was no doubt that Auggie and Natasha would make it out alive. Having done that, he is now able to work with Annie again to find Decker before Belenko does."

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