5 Best TV Series of 2014 That You Can Stream

The 5 best TV shows of 2014 that broke new ground and pushed the television medium forward.

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carlitta52062121d ago

makes me hurt to look at him...ouch!!

PizzaSteve2121d ago

Right now I'm enjoying Weeds and Breaking Bad seasons I missed.

Derekvinyard132121d ago

True detective is such a good series

WizzroSupreme2120d ago

Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, modern Doctor Who, and Futurama are some of the best Netflix addictions I've discovered in the past year and some of my favorite shows of all time. Have to give a shout-out to Sons of Anarchy and House of Cards too.

CaptainYesterday2119d ago

I've been meaning to watch Sherlock for so long now all I've heard is good things about it.