Speculation Of Max Von Sydow's Identity In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

CBM: After the potential 4chan The Force Awakens leak on November 30th, new possible spoilers have surfaced. In light of this information, MarkyMark will take minute to talk with you about three possible identities for Max von Sydow's character in the upcoming film.

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WizzroSupreme2122d ago

Thinking of Max Von Sydow's face, it sure does match the traditional concept art for Darth Plagueis. I actually like the idea of essentially exploring the biggest mystery of the last Star Wars film we got and bringing the whole saga together again in a new, unexplored way.

Whether he's raising Daisy Ridley's character, who can say, though it'd be rather odd of Plagueis to when he'd be more concerned with other'd think. Maybe Palpatine didn't kill him before Plagueis switched bodies or something. Time will tell, but call me intrigued. THIS is a mystery.

feedthereaper2121d ago

I think its likely to be Boba Fett. He fits all the leaks suggestions of who he could be and there is a rumour that Boba Fett makes an appearance at some point in the movie.

It also opens up the potential to spin-off movies both pre-Jedi and then post-Jedi too.

But wouldn't be even more shocking to the audience if it turns out to be....... duh duh derrrrrr...... Ming The Merciless!