Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain America, & X-Men Make Shortlist For Visual Effects Oscar

CB: Three movies based on comic books – Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and X-Men: Days of Future Past – are on the shortlist for the 87th Academy Awards Visual Effects Category.

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rambi802122d ago

Rocket Racoon was amazing for a CG character. Planet of the apes was even better

Hergula2122d ago

Captain America had really good visuals, I mean it was hard to make out what was actually cg and what was not. It seemed to blend in very well and truly does deserve the Oscar nod, let us hope it gets it.

WizzroSupreme2122d ago

No surprise there, but Dawn of the Planet of the Apes deserves that Oscar for its motion-capture alone. Winter Soldier's and Days of Future Past's effects were great, but they're the kind of films we see all the time. Apes is something special, and so is every one of Andy Serkis's performances.

Derekvinyard132122d ago

Planet of the apes looks better then all of these!