The 10 Hottest Women in Horror Films says "Ever since I was into horror films the most appealing things to me, aside from monsters, gore, and terror, have been the lovely ladies who have inhabited them. Whether they are the villain, the heroine, or the victim, having a babe that is easy on the eyes will definitely catch one’s interest. And, in the case of some movies, they may be the only reason to even try to sit through them. Here is a list of ten of the absolute hottest of all time!"

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level 3602123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Barbara Crampton and Asia Argento definitely.

And don't forget Mathilda May of Lifeforce.

Also Gemma Arterton of Hansel and Gretel, Byzantium..

pompombrum2123d ago

No Jessica Biel love? She was really hot in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

PizzaSteve2123d ago

I have to agree with that. Couldn't keep my eyes off her butt and thighs. She was hot in that movie.