Natalie Portman’s Embattled Western ‘Jane’s Got A Gun’ Release Date Gets Bumped For Third Time

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To say the third time’s the charm is perhaps being too optimistic. Relativity’s “Jane’s Got A Gun” has been a remarkably troubled production from the get-go. It’s gone through two directors (finally settling on Gavin O’Connor), three villains (Bradley Cooper, Jude Law, and finally Ewan McGregor), and one ugly lawsuit (a civil action was filed against original director Lynne Ramsay after she abruptly quit the film before production, but it was settled out of court earlier this year).

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alycakes2118d ago

This movie has had problems since day one. Hope it gets taken care of and gotten over with soon.

WizzroSupreme2118d ago

For a moment I thought this was a Thor spin-off where Jane Foster got a laser gun or something.