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8 Best Sci-Fi Movies of The Last Decade So Far

Popularity of Sci-Fi movies has been increased from last some decades. These kinds of movies are very popular in viewers now a days. We are counting down our picks of top 8 Sci-Fi movies of last decade. For this list, we’re taking a look at the films from the turn of the 21 century that used science fiction as a tool to tell relevant stories about our society, politics, and changing ways.

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hammad4122117d ago

i think writer is drunk, im not getting why Avatar is not at first place

RetrospectRealm2117d ago

Because it wasn't all that great. Visually amazing, story-wise and writing no.

Alxe2117d ago

but the story was good. and yes movie Visuals are cool and amazing

dota2champion2117d ago

it was an overrated film with a predictable story. Wall-E and Sunhine was the only good sci-fi film i enjoyed from that list

TricksterArrow2117d ago

Urgh... Another website with multiple pages for clicks. Singe I hate these, I'll post the list here for whoever is curious:

8 - Sunshine
7 - Moon
6 - Wall-E
5 - Star Trek
4 - District 9
3 - Avatar
2 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
1 - Children of Men