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Working Title For Captain America: Civil War Revealed, But What Does It Mean?

CBM: Marvel Studios has given a name to it’s working title for Captain America: Civil War, and it comes loaded with potential for speculation.

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WizzroSupreme2121d ago

It means that Cap's gonna get his hands dirty kicking butt twice as hard between Tony and the Winter Soldier and still have time to make that dance with Peggy. And then there's that killer James Spader robot he needs to put on ice before putting some burgers on the grill. American ingenuity.

Porcelain_Chicken2121d ago

He should do all that while holding an eagle in one forearm and a dumbbell in the other hand. Also the American flag should in some way, shape or form be in the background at all times!!!

So many cbm!! :D This is gonna be good. Dare I say I'm just as excited for Cap3 as I am for the Avengers 2.

mamotte2121d ago

It means there'll be a civil war. And Captain America will be there.

feedthereaper2121d ago

I don't think you read the article properly. They are talking about what the WORKING TITLE refers to? The working title is "Sputnik".

Still a bit of a non-story though because the working title to Avengers Assemble was "Group Hug"..... it hardly gives away plot details!