10 Worst Sequels Of 2014


Sequels are bad news. For every worthwhile follow-up, movie-goers are usually treated to a lazy, uninspired re-hash; a movie that pretends that it has an audience’s best interests at heart, but in reality has scraped the bottom of the cinematic barrel in a greedy attempt to play on either your nostalgia or an emotional connection to established characters. What’s more, this usually works; studios somehow manage to convince movie-lovers, time after time, that sequels are things we need to fork out money for.

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Derekvinyard132126d ago

For me transformers topped it man that was a long bore fest which story caved in 30 min into the 3 HOUR MOVIE

dota2champion2126d ago

Definitely the Amazing Spider-man 2; too many villains, not enough character development between Harry and Peter Parker, harry going apeshit because spiderman didn't wanted to help him yet, and the trailer spoiled every action scene