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Terminator Genisys First Official Trailer Released

From Cinelinx:

As has been teased throughout the week (first with a poster, and yesterday with a clip), the first official trailer for the all new Terminator movie is now online for everyone to watch!

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-Foxtrot2122d ago

My eyes...what did I just see :|

It seems like a parody film

It's basically a rough remake of the first two films, same villain, same plot, same catchy lines.

They've pretty much wiped the firs two films off the timeline....pretty shitty of them to be honest

Tsuru2122d ago

Did you watch the trailer?

Not to be rude, but it seems like you missed key points in the trailer. They sent a T-800 model further back into the past and waited for the T1 terminator and T2 Terminator to arrive in an attempt to stop them and change the future and stop the war.

-Foxtrot2122d ago

Urm...yeah I did

It's still a f*** up

As soon as Old Arnie saves a younger Sarah Connor it changes the entire timeline so Terminator and it's sequel never happen. The timeline has been changed

Then you have Kyle Reese

How is a version of him from the old timeline (Terminator 1,2,3 etc) crosses into the new timeline? If he went back to the past then he would of know that Sarah Connor was raised by Older Arnie, yet he has no memory of this.

You can't cross into a new timeline when your from the future UNLESS you are the one to go back and change it from the start.

Tsuru2122d ago

You are looking at only 1 type of time travel and how it changes the timeline. They are basing it around a multiverse with infinite parallel universes. When they sent back a T-800 to the past its going back in the past of that current timeline, but then creates a brand new timeline within the multiverse, parallel to the one that already occured. So thats why he has no memory of it.

So they arent going to a new timeline they are going back in time in the same timeline but a new timeline wont be created until T1 and T2 terminators come back. The idea to create them didnt come around until they came back. Thus the timeline changes after that point.

-Foxtrot2122d ago

Not really

Your not really getting this are you

Kyle Reese, the one we see IN THIS FILM, is basically the same version of Kyle Reese we saw in the OLD Terminator films

If there was a change in the timeline then everyone in that TIMELINES FUTURE would know about the changes as it would basically be their future.

Kyle Reese however in this film, despite being the same version Kyle Reese from the old films just a new actor, has been transported to a new timeline. He's crossed over and multiverse theory or more ways of looking at time travel it still doesn't make sense.

IF he knew that Sarah was raised by old Arnie in the future and John told him that then fair enough but when he goes back like he did in the old films, same place, it's changed...that shouldn't of happened.

The old version of Kyle Reese would of acted out the same events that happened in the old films, the ONLY way you would of seen things happened differently is if this Kyle Reese is a new version who knew about Skynet sending another Terminator back even further to kill a young Sarah Connor...however in the trailer that's not the case, it's clearly a direct reference to the old version of Reese.

" but a new timeline wont be created until T1 and T2 terminators come back."

As soon as Sarah Connor was taken in by Old Arnie that changed EVERYTHING.

She wouldn't be in the dark about Skynet or the Machines, she wouldn't be a waitress and she wouldn't be living with her friend.

From then on out, the minute her parents were attacked and Old Arnie took her in, that created a WHOLE NEW TIMELINE...and a one that the old version of Kyle Reese would NOT be a part of.

Hayabusa 1172122d ago

But Kyle's going back in time is already part of a sequence of events that leads to the Skynet takeover as well as the birth of John Connor. Kyle is John's father after all. And in T2 we see that the remnants of the T-800 actually leads to the creation of Skynet (I think...quite remember exactly).

"You can't cross into a new timeline when your from the future UNLESS you are the one to go back and change it from the start."

I think you totally could. I'm speculating this new T-800 (old Arnie) is the one to go back from a different "future" timeline, into a timeline where John still planned to send back Kyle Reese. The T-800 goes from a different future timeline into the original T1 timeline thus merging them together. Future John and future Kyle no nothing about this, because their timeline is still the one from T1-T2...until sarah shows up I guess.

Either way John would have to send Kyle back to when Sarah was still alive to ensure his own existence in the future...

And don't necessarily see how Kyle would know unless he was explicitly informed, or when his T1 timeline converges with the Genisys timeline. Once that convergence happens, THEN kyle's T1 future world is re-written, but Kyle would still be present in the past because because he now exists in the past, and his memory is linear. This isn't Looper-style time travel.

I dunno, I'm just pulling stuff out my arse at this point, I've always thought Terminator time tarvel made little sense. That's what's confusing to me: T1 and T2 clearly used a deterministic time travel method, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Genisys. If it was, we would have seen Sarah rolling up in a truck in T1. Maybe that's your point.

I'm actually quite intrigued by this steaming pile of mess the plot has become, I just wished it didn't look

Kurylo3d2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Your arguing time travel theory when the first 2 films time travel never made sense to begin with. Like how the chip from the original terminator is what led cyberdine to invent the chip through reverse engineering.. lol... Which gave birth to skynet... of course until terminator 3 happened...

Or heres another.... john conner sending his father back in time to conceive him.. self.... lol

You need to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Stop asking if the chicken or the egg came first.

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SantistaUSA2122d ago

I liked it, Arnold is old so there is just so much they can do, by having him sent back decades ago explain why he looks old since he is a machine covered by living tissue.

krazykombatant2122d ago

Whenever a new movie comes out I can be sure to see your negative comments in here, on how you'd do a better job, casting actors, writing movies and directing them, doing the post production.

The credits might as well just red your name for every position right?

Jesus! Give me a break, it's hollywood, you expect them to be original??? They've run out of originals and have been rehashing the classics for years now. Get used to it and just enjoy the movie. I for one will go watch it with an open mind.

I'm not expecting it to be better than T2 but hey, it's a terminator movie what the hell.

annoyedgamer2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

I could definately do better. In fact a 5 year old could write better. At least the Arnold would be the lead and not some chick whos trying to pretend she is a male lead as the trend is these days. Terminator is Arnold and Arnold is the Terminator. This film is only relevant because of him. And this ot takes a dump on the story line but as the comments below suggest and the poster its directed to teenage girls so a plot that makes sense is not required.

Jrmy842122d ago

Go on Facebook Arnold answered peoples questions about the film yesterday when the trailer dropped.

TricksterArrow2121d ago

Don't know why your misinformed comments are getting so many upvotes. While the quality of the movie and the trailer are debatable and entirely subjective, some things regarding the plot were already established by the movie official synopsis or through interviews:

- Another Terminator is sent back further in time to save Sarah Connor from the events of Terminator 1 and Terminator 2, arguably giving her the chance to stop the JudgmentDay entirely by giving her more time.

- Since Terminator 2 we already know that neither past nor future is set in stone nor does it work as an infinite loop. Kyle goes back in time to save Sarah Connor, but in the past that he goes back to, much to his confusion, she was already saved and was therefore saving him.

The questions this film raises are plenty, mainly who and how this new Terminator was sent to avoid the events of Terminator 1, 2, 3 and, possibly, 4, creating this alternate timeline.

I'm completely open to being surprised by the movie. If not a very good one, I hope it's at least a little bit fun to watch, unlike Terminator 3 or 4, which were pretty boring and utterly pretentious, IMHO.

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StarWarsFan2122d ago

I liked it. I'm just worried that it redoes too many things such as another chase involving a motorcycle like in T2, a large vehicle flipping on its back like Terminator 3 and another liquid-metal cop that basically looks like an Asian-version of the original one from T2. Don't the guys that play the cops look freakishly similar?

DarkBlood2122d ago

I believed they look similar on purpose considering they couldn't use patrick again and found an Asian dude who looks remarkably like him (I first notice it with the bullet wound to the eye)

All they had to do for arnie was a body builder and the tech for the face was already In place since salvation

dota2champion2122d ago

So much negative comments on youtube. People can say what they want, I am really excited to see this movie. I've never seen the originals. That liquid terimnator CGi looks pretty horrible, hopefully it gets fixed before release

annoyedgamer2122d ago

You need to watch them immidiately. T1 and T2.

Hayabusa 1172122d ago

Yes, please watch the first two films :)

DarkBlood2122d ago

Man this trailer got me really excited I cant wait to see the movie. Going to be awesome

DOOMZ2122d ago

Looks good but too much CG!

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