IGN Arrow: "The Brave and the Bold" Review

I've grown used to scoring The Flash higher than Arrow most weeks. The former has started out with a great deal of momentum and sense of excitement, whereas Arrow is still struggling to build new conflicts and live up to the high bar established in Season 2. But maybe all Oliver Queen really needed was for his friend in Central City to bring a little fun and humor back to Starling City. The second half of this week's Arrow/Flash crossover was a blast to watch, and in many ways a more cohesive and satisfying episode than the first.

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alycakes2117d ago

This is what I like about the Arrow. It's dark and raw. He has to make harder decisions than the Flash and deals with more than the Flash. Arrow's story is far more interesting to me. I like the Flash but it wouldn't bother me if I miss it or if it got cancelled.