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Black-ish Season 1 Episode 9 Review: “Colored Commentary” | TVOM

TVOM: "As a young show, there are bound to be rough spots throughout the first season of Black-ish: to expect every first season episode to be “The Talk” would just be unrealistic. Instead, we’re more likely to see episodes like “Color Commentary”, an episode clearly trying to make a point about marital support, unfortunately muddled underneath a lackluster resolution and a pointless B-story. There are components of a strong episode in “Colored Commentary”, but it’s mostly relegated to the comedy of the episode; when “Commentary” start to try and wrap things up in a poignant way, the flimsy construction of the half hour falls apart a bit."

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rambi802118d ago

The episode about spanking was hilarious. Good, but far from great.

WizzroSupreme2118d ago

Not sure how to feel about whether this is a black or white family's show, but I'll hand it to Anthony Anderson for making me chuckle at least once. Just once.