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No More Tolkien Films After The Battle Of The Five Armies, Says Peter Jackson

"Gandalf – we mean, Ian McKellen – raised Tolkien fans’ hopes recently when he said he thought Peter Jackson would return to Middle Earth but now, the Oscar-winning director has quashed all hopes of a Hobbit trilogy follow-up."

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rambi802123d ago

Probably just raising hype for the next movie as "the final one".

rataranian2122d ago

Yeah George Lucas said that too.

WizzroSupreme2122d ago

He did for Episode III and HE's not directing VII...

WizzroSupreme2122d ago

No more Tolkein films of Peter Jackson's, anyway. Like Bond, I wouldn't think it impossible for them to branch out beyond the books to keep the franchise chugging along forever.

What Warner really needs now is for Peter Jackson to direct the Green Lantern movie we deserve to have by now.

Stringerbell2122d ago

Great because truth be told you could not make a coherent film from the unfinished tales and whatever other bits and pieces Tolkien left laying around.

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