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Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘Hobbit’ Motion-Capture Gear Made Me Feel Like an Idiot

THR: Playing Smaug the dragon involved wearing "sparkling pajamas," says the 'Sherlock' star

He may have played the biggest and baddest monster from the whole Hobbit trilogy, but Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that donning the special motion-capture outfit that enabled him to become the fire-breathing dragon Smaug wasn’t entirely comfortable for a man more used to sharp tailoring.

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WizzroSupreme2123d ago

Oh, that is perfect. Would be even better having him sit on a beanbag for his mound of gold coins.

PizzaSteve2122d ago

Technology have came a long way and it's getting better every year while we get older.

Stringerbell2122d ago

Whats crazy is that films like T2 and Jurassic Park still look great and both those films are over 20 years old!