OUAT Fans Whine About New Curse, Will Still Continue Watching

Richard of writes "Don’t get me wrong, I do understand their frustrations; as a fan myself, seeing another curse is a bit dull, but I understand that is the direction that the writers want to go in. I am not writing the series nor do I have any input into what goes into making each storyline. I watch what they put out and for the most part I am happy with the way the show is going. Would I like the writers to push themselves a bit more so that a new curse isn’t affecting the characters season after season? Of course I would, I would be lying if I said I didn’t, but I accept the simple truths that I have no say in how the show is made and that deep down I am still enjoying what the creative team is doing with the story anyway."

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WizzroSupreme2117d ago

Sheesh, can't fans ever have a voice without being blacklisted as "whiners?" Yes, we'll keep watching the series for crying out loud, not because we're mindless, but because there's still enough positives for some of us to keep watching.

I myself wouldn't dispel criticism of another curse schtick on the show, but is it worth getting disproportionally upset about? No, I don't think so.