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Evangeline Lilly Tried To Quit Acting, But Acting Would Not Quit Her

“I really hated working as an actress.”

This sharp confession casually spills out of Evangeline Lilly within the first two minutes of conversation with her. Seated in the corner of a sunny hotel cafe in Hollywood in late November, Lilly is at the tail end of a promotional tour for The Squickerwonkers, her first children’s book in what Lilly dearly hopes will be a long and satisfying writing career. Storytelling seems to be her forte, actually, because all it takes is a question about her book’s dedication — in which she thanks her mother for praising The Squickerwonkers when she first wrote it as a poem at 14 — for Lilly to launch into a lengthy narrative about realizing while working on the sensationally popular TV series Lost that she would be perfectly happy if she never acted again.

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WizzroSupreme2123d ago

So acting is like crack, in other words. "Acting rehab" is the next big thing.