IGN Sons of Anarchy: "Red Rose" Review

Wow. Sons of Anarchy didn’t pull any punches on its way to the series finale. This was only the second to last, yet there were enough huge moments that at times if felt like a final episode.

Charlie Hunnam continued his fantastic work in this episode as Jax tried to find a way to move on after the revelations from last week. There was a clear sense of finality in all of his actions, from his open confession about Jury to the other club presidents to his determination that he set things right with the other gangs. One of the most heartbreaking moments in the show’s history had to be his apology to the other presidents that he hadn’t been able to live up to his job. It was a tragic reminder that things could have been quite different if he hadn’t gotten sidetracked on this path of vengeance.

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alycakes2126d ago

All season Jax has only left dead bodies along the way. I don't know why I thought last night was going to be any different. Getting revenge was one thing but Unser? What was that?

PizzaSteve2126d ago

Felt asleep 30 mins into the show. Not gonna read anything to spoil it for me.

WizzroSupreme2126d ago

So excited to marathon my way to season 7 now. Still all the way back in Season 3 right now. Such a great show that delivers 81% of the time.