Did DC Choose The Right Suicide Squad?

Jim Avery:
"We give our thoughts on today's casting announcement.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. announced that they had cast the six main actors and actresses for the upcoming film Suicide Squad. All six of these people have starred in big-name movies before, but how would they do taking on these particular roles?"

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Porcelain_Chicken2128d ago

I think the casting is very strong. Loved most choices. Not sure who Cara Delevingne but i'll give her the benefit of doubt. And Will Smith is the wrong race but i feel like i can let that slide for a character like Floyd Lawton.

WizzroSupreme2128d ago

This impressed me more than anything I've seen in the last decade of DC's weird casting choices. There are big stars here, but not so big that typecasting becomes a pitfall and no one here that isn't flexible.

It's amazing that Leto goes up against Ledger's incredibly big shoes and got the positive reception he's getting...which almost worries me if it's TOO easy of a choice so as to make the Joker too one-note among so many other deeper characters.

That said, the Suicide Squad has something the Justice League doesn't: no one's a goodie two-shoes here. The Squad has the grit and shades of grey that the JLA can never have as gung-ho powerhouses, and if that's what Lego's Joker is going to be, than I'm all for it.