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Watch Every One of Stan Lee's Marvel-ous Movie Cameos


Not since the days of Alfred Hitchcock has a screen icon’s quick and clever movie cameos been as celebrated as those of Marvel mastermind Stan Lee. Starting with a cameo in the 1989 TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, Stan the Man has appeared in more than 20 cinematic adaptations of his comic books. The 91-year-old even appeared in animated form in November’s Big Hero 6. And you can watch them all in our new supercut, above.

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alycakes2124d ago

I just love him and his cameos

Crazay2124d ago

You kinda can't help but to love them. They're so much fun and he's such a fun personable guy. My favorite was probably from Guardians.

alycakes2124d ago

Yes, I just cracked up on that one.

rambi802124d ago

I like the ones where he doesn't have any lines the best. Not trying to be spiteful or anything, its just simply what i like - especially him as Hef

JDUBB B2124d ago

Wow he was in every marvel movie I like

RetrospectRealm2124d ago

He was almost in every Marvel movie. Lol

WizzroSupreme2124d ago

I agree with Stan that his Spider-man 3 cameo might've been his best scene-stealer, but I certainly like his Amazing Spider-man cameo the best.

dota2champion2123d ago

The best cameo scene was him in the library while Lizard and Spiderman was fighting lol.