TVF The Walking Dead Review: Coda

With a midseason finale of The Walking Dead, you had to know something major was going to happen.

On The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7, zombie Sophia stumbled out of the barn to meet a final bullet from Rick.

On The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8, there was the assault on Woodbury followed by Daryl’s capture. And on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8, Hershel and the Governor were killed.

So just with the way The Walking Dead Season 5 was leading up to The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8, I had a feeling a death was right around the corner.

And not one of the random cops that worked for Dawn whose names I never could really remember; Cop 1, Creepy Cop, That Other Cop, etc.

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alycakes2123d ago

I knew someone was going to die and I even thought it might be Beth but that didn't make it any easier to watch. I was just too much after all she went thru and how strong she had become being able to stand up for herself. I was sad to see her go.