Breaking Bad: 10 Most Annoying Characters


Breaking Bad will be remembered as a watershed moment for its medium. For five seasons, Vince Gilligan and company built an astounding world, populated by some of the greatest characters in television history. However, there is no rule that says a character has to be necessarily likeable to qualify as great, and in Breaking Bad’s case this is more than true.

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WizzroSupreme2130d ago

I love Anna Gunn and I loved Skyler. She was only as annoying as any wife berating her psychopathic husband for going out and killing people.

dota2champion2129d ago

Yeah, Skyler is annoying. She's a hypocrite. She likes to make herself as an innocent victim, but she willingly goes along with Walt by laundering his money and living off the money after knowing where the money comes from.

Amuro2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Skyler's affair was like watching NTR. Loved it.

But seriously, this list starts strong and then it gets progressively meh.