15 Unexpectedly Awesome 2014 Movies Everyone Thought Would Suck


Like any other year, 2014 has had its share of good movies and bad movies, and this time last year, everyone had their own rigid predictions about which films would and wouldn’t work. Sometimes, however, Hollywood can pull off an unexpected victory and surprise everyone, and in the case of these 15 movies, they took premises, casts and directors that simply shouldn’t have worked well together for a multitude of reasons, and made some pretty damn good films in the process.

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dota2champion2128d ago

People thought 300 was gonna suck? The entire comments on youtube was hype about it when the trailer first shown. The only 2014 film that I thought would of sucked was Guardian of the Galaxy; it was surprising good, I didn't wanted it to end. The only thing that disappointed me was the action scene with Ronan disappointed me.