Terminator: Genisys Gets a Motion Poster and Trailer on Thursday

From Cinelinx:

While the first few glimpse for Terminator: Genisys were a little...underwhelming, a few fans of the franchise are still eager to see what the new film will bring. You'll get your first chance this Thursday when the first official trailer hits, as revealed in this new motion poster.

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PizzaSteve2116d ago

Awesome a new Terminator is coming but no Arnold Schwarzenegger he way past his prime for this roll.

Porcelain_Chicken2116d ago

Depends, does the roll have butter? :0

Agreed though, Arnie looks tired, wrinkly, and sunbaked. He should really let this role go. I'm really hoping this movie surprises us and is actually good but i won't hold my breath.

WizzroSupreme2116d ago

That's not how you spell "Genesis," Warner. Don't be the 'y" title hipsters, please.

nix2116d ago

"SYS" probably is the code name of the operating system or something else.

Amuro2116d ago

didn't even know there was a new Terminator movie in the works. I wish one of these new ones could be as good as T2.

Dark112116d ago

So is this a reboot or prequel?

andron2116d ago

Not holding my breath. Both Terminator and Alien franchise should have a good cryosleep...