Extended Promo For The Flash Vs. Arrow Features First Look At The Rogues

CBM: On the night before the epic two-part Flash vs. Arrow event kicks off, the CW has released an extended promo for The Flash half featuring a few new snippets from tomorrow night's episode. We also get our first look at Captain Cold teaming up with Heatwave! Come check it out!

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rambi802130d ago

i only started watching Arrow recently and i enjoy the overall story arc. Don't enjoy all the relationship stuff but its the CW so you gotta take the good with the bad.

Looking forward to this

PizzaSteve2130d ago

I stop watching after the 2nd episode. Don't like the acting much. I'd force myself to watch the rest after it hit Hulu. I do like 100 but acting sucks too. All CW shows acting sucks.

JDUBB B2130d ago

Flash that's my homie he gone win

Amuro2129d ago

I'm so cited for this episode, can't wait!