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Hidden Gems: 5 Things You Missed on The Walking Dead 'Coda' says 'Just about every episode of The Walking Dead is sprinkled with interesting little messages, tributes and clues to future events. Easter Eggs and cryptic messages are engrained in Robert Kirkman's mentality and he's carried that right over into AMC's live action depiction of this ongoing tale of survival. And while last night's episode, "Coda" wasn't as heavily inundated with these little gems as some episodes, there were a couple of very interesting things that you may have missed if you took your eyes off the screen for even the briefest of moments.

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zeal0us2124d ago

She won't be missed. I felt the same way about her as I did Andrea.

dota2champion2124d ago

She was the cutie in the entire group. I'll miss her for sure

cell9892124d ago

Rossy will be the cutie of the group from now on. Beth will be missed, she was Judith's best babysitter

Tzuno2124d ago

The show is fine i just feel angry at chicken ass characters who are scared as shit even by a fly. I look forward to the episode when that big stupid pile of flesh called Eugene will be teared apart by walkers.

Soldierone2124d ago

Seriously, Eugene and Gabriel are annoying the hell out of me. Walkers are destroying the town and you want to cry and pout about picking up a machete to protect yourself? Fine, you are useless to me, go away.

At least Eugene has SOME use though, if he'd just stop whining all the time.... Gabriel has proven to be completely useless so far.

Soldierone2124d ago

Didn't miss any of these really, the writing just wasn't strong enough to portray a lot of it correctly. The whole Gabriel stuck outside could have been done better to add intensity, maybe the two inside knew about the ordeal and made him think the same outcome was coming etc...

The clock thing is just reaching really. It reminds me of the Half Life 3 jokes. "4 + 6 = 10, Beth will be in Half Life 3!" 1 Beth got her head clearly blown to pieces lol 2 Kinney already supposedly moved and said bye etc

CoTton_MoUtH2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

I was so upset with the way they killed off Beth they built her from when she was on the farm til how she was coping with the reality of a Zombie Apocalypse just to watch her get shot in the head.(What?) Then, just so happen Meg (whatever her sister name is) just so happen to see her lifeless body when she gave 2 fucks about her after the prison was horded by Zombies. It seems to me the directors are making the group seem population controlled one dies someone else gets rescued and joins the group.

thekhurg2124d ago

What an absurdly stupid comment.

Lord_Sloth2124d ago

I still find it funny that Maggie forgot all about Beth throughout season 4 and just suddenly remembers her.

mushroomwig2124d ago

'The Secret Comes Back to Bite Gabriel in the Ass'

You'd have to be completely blind to miss that, it wasn't exactly supposed to be hidden.

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