The Prestige Author Slams Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Prestige author Christopher Priest has branded Christopher Nolan's works as alternately "boring and pretentious" and "shallow and badly written".

Speaking to French movie site Skript (via THR), Priest began speaking about his novel, which inevitably led to talk about Nolan's adaptation of the best-selling book. It's then that Priest branded Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy as "boring and pretentious," while everything else other than Memento and The Prestige is apparently "shallow and badly written," as well as "embarrassing."

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Soldierone2124d ago

It's not too harsh thanks to his reasoning. He compares it to other comic book films and how kids/teens react to it, and in that sense yeah the films are boring. You hardly see Batman, and when you do he is simply fighting most of the time. It was all "grounded" which gave it that unique feeling. Which was good for The Dark Knight, but beyond that... yeah it got old fast for me.

My one complaint is that he didn't make Batman a detective at all, which is what Batman is all about.

WizzroSupreme2124d ago

I've actually spoken with Christopher Priest in the past via a Q&A, and I can speak from experience that he seems to be rather outspoken on the matter.

Derekvinyard132118d ago

He needs to watch batman and robin