The Walking Dead: Should We Have Known Who Would Die All Along?

TVOM: "The midseason finale of The Walking Dead ended with quite literally a bang this week, though before diving into what that means exactly, I have to preface this with all the necessary spoiler tags. In an age where nearly everything is watched via DVR, it is rather shocking how many spoilers you’ll find plastered across the internet right after airing. Hell, AMC even posted a spoiler about who died on their official page before the show had even aired on the West Coast. Seriously, guys?"

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WizzroSupreme2117d ago

When you rearrange the letters of "Days Gone By" and spell it "SyaD Geno Yb," it correlates to the square root of 44, 12, which in turn added to the the number 23 equals 35, Daryl's age at the time of his probable death at the end of Season 5. Bam. You're a genius, Robert Kirkman.