WASDuk Review: Jessabelle

WASDuk's Chris Patton blasts this unoriginal, lame-duck horror flick:

"Kevin Greutert does what he does. Jessie (Sarah Snook) gets pregnant, watches her boyfriend die in a car accident, becomes wheelchair bound, and has to move in with her estranged father in Louisiana, and that’s within the first 5 minutes of the film. The remaining 90 minutes is a boring, unoriginal retelling of the one-night stand between Ringu and The Sixth Sense. Unlike those terrifying and profound films, respectively, Jessabelle removes the scares and forces the audience to watch Jessie crawl around on the floor a lot while her ex-boyfriend hunts down everything from dolls to VHS tapes off-screen. Huh?"

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CursedHero2123d ago

Just a terrible, terrible movie @_@