The Flash Season 1 Episode 7 Review – ‘Power Outage’ Flickering Myth

The other storyline happening this week featured William Tockman (Clock King), a man obsessed with time. He takes over CCPD’s station with precise timing and calculation to barter himself a helicopter (and a vegetarian’s meal!) out of there so he won’t come up on charges. During the melee, Eddie gets shot, Joe makes believable dramatic facial gestures and Iris gets kidnapped for the second time this season. Wonder if she’ll beat Laurel’s record? Robert Knepper was a fun, subtle villain, and the first not to be killed or captured by Wells. I loved his character-driven glasses and his banter with Joe. I have a feeling he’ll pop up again, especially considering in the comics he’s a member (at one time) of the Suicide Squad.

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