Gotham Season 1 Episode 10 Review – ‘Lovecraft’ Flickering Myth

‘Lovecraft’ is a great name but not it turns out such a great title. What we have here is failure to communicate. Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller, who represent the creative help in this equation, are developing a disturbing habit of naming episodes after people who they choose to ignore. They did it last week in ‘Harvey Dent’ and continue the trend here with Al Sapienza’s Dick Lovecraft. However before I get emotional and begin on a course which will end in some form of expletive laden tirade, let us examine why this is happening, beyond the obvious that is.

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WizzroSupreme2120d ago

Gotham's always seemed like too many shows at its core. A mob show, a cop show, a kid show. It's had a hard time knowing what it wants to be, but I'll give 'em credit for giving the Bruce/Selina story arc its best try yet. I kinda like the way the episode ended their arc; it'd be a nice way to end it for a good long while.