Jurassic World: Predicting The Entire Plot In 10 Steps


All right, so here’s what happened: a couple of days ago, the first full-length “teaser” trailer for Jurassic World hit the web, and ever since then the world has been going dinosaur crazy. Thankfully, it’s not because a bunch of giant, prehistoric reptiles have been let loose in capital cities all over the planet, but because said trailer offers up footage of an actual fourth Jurassic Park movie, something we humans have been waiting for ever since the likes of Jurassic Park III, which came out over a decade ago in 2001.

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CursedHero2130d ago

Yes! I was the 5/5! YES!!!!!

StarWarsFan2130d ago

The only thing I'm concerned about is the leap the story is taking from the other movies. It suddenly says that the park is already open from nothing at all. After the death toll of the other movies, you would think there would have been quite a bit of resistance to a new park opening. I just hope the in-between is referenced in some way like a montage or something.