Will Cobie Smulders Be Returning As 'Maria Hill' In Captain America: Civil War?


The How I Met Your Mother actress is reportedly making her fourth big-screen appearance as Maria Hill, Nick Fury's right-hand woman, somehow in Captain America's third "solo" outing.

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RetrospectRealm2128d ago

I'd be surprised if she didn't make an appearance.

Crazay2128d ago

It'd be a shame to not include her. I;d actually like to see her in amore prominent role somewhere in the series. I'm a fan of hers.

RetrospectRealm2128d ago

Me too. I doubt she'd get a more prominent role in the films. Especially not in Civil War, since most of the screentime will be with Rogers and Stark. Should've made her a regular on SHIELD.

Crazay2128d ago

I wonder if having her as a regular character on SHIELD could have helped at all. I find Coulson to be so dull.

RetrospectRealm2128d ago

I think of Coulson as Boba Fett and Jack Sparrow. He's cool and all in the films in his little parts, you want more of him. But when you get more, you realize he's not all so great. A Boba movie would be 2 endless hours of grunts and nods. And that 4th Pirates movie wasn't as good as the previous ones. Too much Jack in that one.