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Agent Carter "It Ain't Life And Death" TV Spot Officially Released


We had a pretty crappy quality version of this one already, but now Marvel have officially released the latest 30-second TV promo for their upcoming Agent Carter series. See Hayley Atwell throw down with some nasty HYDRA-types after the jump.

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-Foxtrot2127d ago

Awesome :D

If this does well they should cancel Agents of SHIELD and continue this instead.

I think Coulson could return to TV but they need to do it with just him and Maria Hill X Files style.

Crazay2126d ago

I actually have no interest in this show. I have little interest in Agents either to be totally honest.

RetrospectRealm2123d ago

I don't see the hype in this one either. Kind of curious as to what stories they could possibly do. I mean, there's really no superheroes back then, so it'll pretty much be a Girl Spy show. So unless they're real unique and original, I don't see it being much better than S.H.I.E.L.D.