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Forget the lion, giraffe, zebra and hippopotamus; the real stars of DreamWorks’ Madagascar films have always been the penguins. Fantastically voiced and wonderfully animated, super-spy wannabes Skipper (Tom McGrath), Rico (Conrad Vernon), Kowalski (Chris Miller) and Private (Christopher Knights) were the most consistent source of laughs in each of the three films, and have since become stars of their own TV series and now a big screen adventure.

Playing out like a 60’s Bond flick experiencing a sugar rush, the creatively named Penguins of Madagascar is fast-paced fun for kids and harbors enough clever jokes and enthusiastic performances to make it far more watchable for the older crowd than it has any right to be.

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StarWarsFan2128d ago

I love these movies, but DreamWorks needs to start churning out fresh characters. They need a return to the days and originality of Shrek.