Is a Frozen Sequel in the Works?


In September, Walt Disney Animation Studios announced that a new animated short, titled Frozen Fever, was coming to theaters in Spring 2015, but what about a sequel to the 2013 blockbuster? Frozen is the No. 1 animated hit of all time (and fifth of all time of all movies) with $1.274 billion earned at the worldwide box office. In addition to that achievement, merchandise is still selling like crazy, there’s a rumored stage musical in the works and there’s a new attraction coming to the Norway Pavilion in Epcot that will replace the Maelstrom ride. And let’s not forget that the Frozen characters are now also appearing on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” in the Disney On Ice shows, and in Disney’s theme parks as well.

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-Foxtrot2131d ago

God I hope not...most overrated film they've done

Tangled was miles better then this and it didn't get this kind of attention.

They keep talking about how this film does things differently but to be honest if you look at certain past Disney films they did things long before Frozen.

Take the "Well they didn't get married in the end"...yeah well neither did Aladdin and Jasmine or Belle and Adam (I think). There wedding was never shown in the first main film. Then you have the fact it "changes the forunular" yeah well Tangled did, the focus was mostly on Flynn and for a Prince he was actually pretty well developed.