Ted 2 Raw Test Trailer Leaks

"Ted 2," the sequel to Seth MacFarlane's live action, CG animated comedy, has been very secretive about the plot and characters. In the leaked raw trailer, you get to find out who is in the main cast and the overall plot of the movie.

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-Foxtrot2129d ago

The sperm bank thing reminds me of Family Guy when Peter spills all the sperm

"Oh, God, I I think I feel them moving"

ZombieGamerMan2128d ago

Will see this when it's out, surprised though that there's even a trailer for it already I know this is a test trailer and they still need to work in post but still pretty early for this.

isa_scout2128d ago

Looks pretty funny. I really enjoyed the first one, but I'm glad they chose to focus on Ted this time instead of Mark Wahlbergs GF troubles.

Crazay2128d ago

I really liked Ted. Wish Mila was still in it though.

Plagasx2128d ago

I find them moving around a toy teddy bear on set even funnier than the actual trailer.

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