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Ridley Scott Says Whitewashing Was the Only Way to Finance ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’

Ridley Scott is one of the most powerful directors working in Hollywood. (If he can get The Counselor made, he can do anything.) Following The Counselor, Scott turned to the story of Exodus, and cast a predominantly white cast for the film Exodus: Gods and Kings. Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II is played by Joel Egerton, who among the least-Egyptian actor working right now. An outcry resulted in part because the “gods and kings” of the title are all white, while the slaves in the film are black. We’re evidently not quite to the point where this won’t happen, but we’re definitely in a place where more audiences realize that the Exodus whitewashing is ridiculous.

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WizzroSupreme2124d ago

By all accounts, the Moses of ancient Egypt would've been quite dark skinned for a Middle-Easterner. "But a black Moses wouldn't have sold" is what people tell me. All the while, it probably worked for the Israelites.

StarWarsFan2124d ago

Haven't all ancient pictures depicted Moses as white? Why mess with a few thousand years of illustrations.

zeal0us2123d ago

"Modern" ancient pictures depicts Moses as white. The bible never gives a vivid description of his physical appearance like it did Jesus.

steven83r2124d ago

I don't know why people are getting upset over this. And just because someone is Egyptian doesn't mean they are black just because it is in the continent of Africa. Even when i went to see the King Tut exhibit, they had protest out front because they say King Tut is a dark black kid not a light skinned Egyptian. So stupid. My Egyptian friends are not black i can say that for certain. They are as dark as most hispanics.